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JCOM Clock Synchronizer is a utility that helps you keep your system time always accurate by synchronizing it with the highest precision atomic clock servers on the Internet using the Network Time Protocol. You can also use the program as a local time server on your corporate intranet, having other software synchronize time with it. Time Synchronizer is very user friendly and features attractive skinnable interface that can be easily customized.

Publisher description

JCOM Clock Synchronizer keeps time on your computer always accurate by checking your system clock against the highest precision atomic clock servers. If any difference occurs the program may correct your system time automatically or just display the difference and let you do this manually. The program is suitable for use with any type of Internet connection, from dial-up to broadband. It hides in the system tray and works in the background consuming very little system resources and even less desktop space. When you need, you can easily access the Clock Synchronizer's main functions by right-clicking its system tray icon and bringing up the context menu. JCOM Clock Synchronizer can be used as a local time server with other networked computers checking their system time against it. All you need to enable this feature is just mark one checkbox in the program installed on the computer connected to Internet and tell other computers on your LAN to use this copy of the program as a time server by specifying its host machine's IP in their settings. The other program's features include attractive and at the same time user-friendly interface with skins support, customizable time and date format and time offset.

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